Policy Development and Implementation

The MHiMA Project will be closely aligned with Commonwealth, State and Territory mental health policies and plans, particularly:

• Fourth National Mental Health Plan 2009‐2014

• National Mental Health Policy 2008

• National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010

• LiFE: A framework for prevention of suicide in Australia 2008

• State and territory mental health policies, plans and programs

The focus will be on developing strategies to support policy implementation by providing advice and input, and developing practical workforce, service development and monitoring and evaluation strategies.

The project will use available mechanisms, (e.g. the National Project Partnership Group) to strategically align with the priorities of the National Mental Health Standing Committee.



Are you interested in how emerging national health and social policies will affect people from immigrant and refugee backgrounds who experience mental ill health? MHiMA has contributed to the following important policy discussions. 


5 February 2013

MHiMA recently provided feedback to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) on the pricing of mental health care. To read MHiMA's response submission, please see here.

3 October 2012

MHiMA recently provided feedback on the definitions of eligibility, reasonable and necessary support in regards to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). A summary of the engagement outcomes, including stakeholder feedback will be made publicly available on the NDIS website at www.ndis.gov.au. Read about the NDIS proposal here and MHiMA's response here.

29  August 2012

In response to an invitation to comment on the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's (PSA) consultation paper regarding the development of a Mental Health Framework for pharmacists as partners in the mental health care team, MHiMA has submitted the following comments: MHiMA's response (August, 2012).

17 August 2012

MHiMA has responded to the second consultation draft of the National Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Practice and Service Delivery Framework Project that was distributed for comment in July. Read  MHiMA's updated response (August, 2012). It includes reflections on the overall framework as it impacts on people from immigrant and refugee backgrounds including the use of coercive and involuntary treatment. It also reviews the capability "working with people from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, their families and communities" and other capabilities regarding social inclusion and the social determinants of health. 

28 June 2012

The National Recovery-Oriented Mental Health Practice and Service Delivery Framework Project commissioned by the Mental Health Standing Committee. The staged consultation process is continuing and the final framework document is expected to be launched in August. Read  MHiMA's response (April, 2012).

The Access and Equity: Inquiry into the responsiveness of Australian Government services to Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse population, December 2011 is being conducted by an independent panel established by the Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs. The final report is due after June 2012. Here is  MHiMA's response (February, 2012).

The Australian Human Rights Commission conducted nation-wide consultations on The National Anti-Racism Strategy earlier this year. Here is  MHiMA's response (May, 2012). The commission is expected to release more information about the next stage of the development of the strategy in coming weeks.